The memories we have are the cornerstones

The foundations to build our future

A home for happiness



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Good Night LXXV

You are the love of my life,

The life of my love.

Never even once I want to be without you

Without you I am a walking dead.

I love you with all my heart and soul

All through my life and after.

Have a great nite Sweetheart

Good Morning LXXIV

Alone with you 

By the beach 

On the sand

While I wrap you with my hug

Watching the sunrise 

The nature and its glory 

Us with nothing to worry 

That’s a good morning to you and me. 

I love you Dear 

Good Night LXXIV

I’d bring you flowers

Serenade you a love song

Touch you, kiss you and hold you.

Tuck you in

Sing you lullaby

Deliver you to your dreamland

With hope to see you there.

But for now,

Just this simple text I can do.

Have a great night sweetheart,

I wish we were together already.

I miss you

Killing Me

My thoughts killing my happiness
My insecurities killing my self esteem
The lies killing my trust
This killing field ends my universe.

Good Morning LXXIII

Good Morning Sweetheart
I hope you slept well and feeling a whole lot better today.
Please wake up. The whole world is waiting for you.
I miss you so much.

Good Night LXXIII

Have a great night rest Sweetheart
I hope you feel better tomorrow.
I just wish I was in your dream right now.
I miss you, I simply can't wait till we are reunite.

Good Morning LXXVII

Good morning Sunshine.

The sun passes us by again

In a blink, we just lost another day to be together 

Adds up to our loss.

My dear Love

On the other hand, may we are a day closer to our day

A day when we will finally reunite as one family.

I am dreading 

Anxiously waiting.

Have a great day Sweetheart.

Good Night LXXVII

Seems like eternity
When the wait has no end in sight
Agitate to the very last nerve.
I'm glued to my waiting bench.
Have a sweet dream Princess.

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