Good Morning LXXVI

Will I still write you good morning text even if we sleep next to each other?
Of course I will, with hope that you will feel the butterflies and smile.
Because there's nothing better than seeing you smile in the morning.
Prettier than the sunrise view from white sand beach.
Wake-up me up better than fresh brewed triple expresso.
Have a great morning Babe.

I’m Still Alive


Half of me gone along with you

Attached to your lips as you kissed me goodbye

The other me is slowly fading,

everyday we are away

One by one a part of me disintegrating.

I’m a dead man walking

The pain is the constant remainder that I’m still alive.

Good Night LXXVI


What hurt me the most is the time.

Each second passes us by turns to dagger,

stabbing me heart.

Knowing how much happiness we can share if we were together

Instead, we are away and keep waiting for the uncertainty.

Darling, I could have been kissing you good night

instead of missing you every night.



Loving you dearly, unconditionally
Has consumed me
The love is taking over me
My thought is possessed by your charm
My body is enslaved by your beauty.
The love for you rushes through my veins,
Each beat of my heart makes the presence getting stronger
I'm intoxicated, infected
Everywhere I see is you
Everything I touch is you
You are in my each and every particle of my body and soul.

Good Morning LXXV

We’ve gone through so much

Mostly tearjerker from being away

But with each drop of tears we wash our love pure

Believe me Love, once we are one

There’ll be nothing but happiness 

Sweet dream Honey……

Good Night LXXV

I just wish you don't have to go through all this
I just wish we can fast forward time
To the day when I pick you up
From then on, you won't know any worry nor burden
Have a great nite sweetheart
I miss you lots

Good Morning LXXIV


Rest well dear, a day closer to our D Day

when you can say goodbye to the alarm clock

and say hello to permanent vacation

It’ll be You and I and our little rascal

somewhere in the tropical heaven

with no worries

just us and happiness

at last

Sleep well Gorgeous

I Love You so very mucho

The Meaning


What do you mean to me?

You are my night when I can see the beauty within the darkness

with your stars and moon

I can finally feel serenity within your calm and quietness

You are my night when I finally can shed my tiredness

The time when I can see the dream to hope for

The time when I can finally lay my weary mind and soul

Within the peaceful hug of yours


You are the day when I can see the beauty of true colors and rainbow

With the ray of light you render my world into complete masterpiece

I can finally find the reason to live

The life that I am willing to give

The time when I can finally see my love

Within the warmth of your arms


What do you mean to me?

You are my everything, my day – my night, my love – my life

You are truly my heart, without you this blood wont flow

You are truthfully my soul, without you I am hollow


Good Morning LXXIII

You are my sunshine 

So how can I have a good morning if you’re away

It’s always gloom and doom without you darling 

But I hope you have a warm sunshine over there

Have a wonderful morning sweetheart 

I miss the warmth of your hug, the crisp of your morning kiss. 

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