Going Downtown

I miss going downtown with you

I miss the scenery

I miss the eatery,

whatta fine cuisine

Satisfying yet never fulfill my hunger,

always crave for more


Good Morning LXXXIII

Being apart half earth away

Wishing you a very good morning is the most I can do.

While mine is always gloomy, I hope yours is bright sunshine with rainbow and all.

Good Night LXXXIII

Trust me

Once you’re here

I will take care of you like always have

In the time you’re sick like right now,

I’ll tend to you

Nurse you back to your health

I’ll love you even more,

tuck you in and keep you warm.

I love you


I wish I was blind and deaf till you here to touch me.

I sure don’t want to see nor hear things that will end up hurt me more and kill me slowly and surely.

I wish my heart would stop beating and my mind would stop thinking till you here to kiss me.

I sure don’t want to think about you have other thought other than me.

I sure don’t wanna feel the grueling pain, grief and ache.

I just want this wait to be over.

Good Morning LXXXII

I promise to wake you up with the whisper of Good Morning

Wake you up with the warmth of cuddling

With the French kiss instead of toast.

Just come and let’s spend the life together

I love you so much

Good Night LXXXI

Half of me exists with your existence

You flow along with my blood within my veins

My heart pulses to your name

My stars is the the beauty of your eyes

My moon is the beauty of your lips,

kiss me to my serenity.

Your love breaths me life

Good Night Sweetheart

Good Night LXXX

Sleep well Dear Love 

Shed your worries

Leave all your stress in the darkness 

Let the sweet dreams refresh your body and soul. 

I miss you like crazy 

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